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if you are a Golf lover and looking for community of Golf influencers who can educate you with their insights and skills then we have compiled a list of top 10 Golf influencers online. Ranging from elite professional players to enthusiastic content creators, golf influencers have powerful sway with fans of the sport. Golf influencers provide analysis on golf competitions, offer swing tips, review equipment, upload their experiences via reels or videos and much more. The very top golf influencers command massive followings across social platforms like YouTube and Instagram. For example, Tiger Woods has over 7 million Instagram followers fascinated by his legendary career. Other leading pro golfers like Rory McIlroy and Paige Spiranac also have huge dedicated fan bases online. Beyond pros, golf instructional channels like MeAndMyGolf and Rick Shiels Golf boast millions of subscribers. Entertaining course vloggers like Matt Fryer also attract large audiences. The wide appeal of golf means influencers can choose micro niches from the Golf topics. Aspiring golfers  should follow these digital golfers advice to improve their own golf skills.

Lets check Top 10 Golf influencers online :

Rick Shiels – A renowned golf instructor and YouTuber, Rick Shiels offers comprehensive golf advice and equipment reviews, helping golfers of all skill levels improve their game.
Instagram ID@rickshielspga
Followers – 785K

Paige Spiranac – She is Number 1 Purdue fan and known for her presence both on and off the golf course, Paige Spiranac combines her golfing talent with a strong social media influence to advocate for the sport and address issues like online bullying. She provides golf tips, lifestyle content, and uses her platform to promote inclusivity within golf.
Instagram ID@_paige.renee
Followers – 3.9M

Bri Teresi – A model and social media influencer, Bri Teresi is known for her engaging content that often features her love for golf. She blends her passion for the sport with fashion and lifestyle, showcasing her golfing skills while promoting a glamorous side of golf.
Instagram ID@briteresi
Followers – 1.5M

Alex Romo – A rising golf instructor and coach, Alex Romo is dedicated to helping golfers improve their game. His approach combines body fitness, peaceful mindset and spirituality with modern technology, offering personalized coaching to students of all skill levels.
Instagram ID@alexromogolf
Followers – 39K

Lucy Robson – Lucy Robson is a golfer based in Surrey, England and social media influencer who shares her golf journey, tips, and lifestyle content with her followers. Her engaging posts and videos aim to inspire and encourage more people, especially women, to take up and enjoy golf.
Instagram ID@lucyrobson
Followers – 960K

Grant Horvat -Known for his participation in golf-related content, particularly with the YouTube group Good Good, Grant Horvat brings a mix of entertainment, skill, and informative golf content. His enthusiasm for the game shines through in his collaborations and personal projects.
Instagram ID @granthorvat
Followers – 510K

Hannah Leiner – A golfer with strong interest in fashion, & travel, Hannah Leiner combines her competitive golf background with creative content creation. She uses her platform to share her journey in the sport, offering insights and inspiration to her audience.
Instagram ID@hannahbleiner
Followers – 297K

Emily Faulkner – An athlete and God Lover, Emily Faulkner is making her mark through a combination of competitive play and social media presence. She shares her experiences, challenges, and successes in golf, aiming to connect with and motivate others in the golf community.
Instagram ID@golfergirlem
Followers – 773.9K

Erik Anders Lang – A filmmaker and golf enthusiast, Erik Anders Lang is known for his unique approach to golf content. Erik is the founder of randomgolfclub – The global community of local golfers. Through his documentaries, podcast, and YouTube channel, he explores the culture, people, and stories of golf, offering a deeper look into the sport’s impact around the world.
Instagram ID – @erikanderslang
Followers – 202K

Peter Finch – He has over 600,000 Subscribers on YouTube. A PGA Golf Professional and content creator, Peter Finch offers a wealth of knowledge through his instructional videos, equipment reviews, and personal golfing experiences. His aim is to help golfers improve their game and enjoy their golf journey to the fullest.
Instagram ID@peterfinchgolf
Followers – 271K

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