FE international-Website Penalty-Indicator Review

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I was checking various Google penalty checkers and I came across this Fe international Website Penalty Indicator for the first time which enables you to determine the various effects of Google’s algorithm updates on your site. Google has been penalizing websites for various reasons, such as Spam links, low-quality content, and cloaking or violating Google’s webmaster guidelines which, in turn, can have an adverse effect on the site’s traffic and ranking.

A website penalty will usually last a few months before it is lifted or may remain forever depending on the changes you made. The best way to get rid of the Google penalty is to fix the problem that caused it in the first place and then wait for Google to re-crawl your site.

Google major updates include Panda, Penguin, Core, and Spam updates which can affect the site’s organic traffic, but how will you know that the site is affected by any one of these updates? Fe international Website Penalty Indicator is one of the tools which will give a general idea of website traffic in last 5 years.

FE international-Website Penalty-Indicator Review

How to use Fe international Website Penalty Indicator?

First visit the company’s website home page. Here you will find the “Resources” page on the top right bar. When you pin the cursor on resources tab, a menu will open at the bottom where you find the “Website Penalty Indicator” Click on this page. To use this tool, it requires 3 main parameters which are easy to fill:

  • domain name of the site you want to check;
  • Select search engine;
  • A 4 digit code to verify that you are not a robot.

Now press the check domain button

This Google Penalty Revealer tool will then display you a graph that details your site’s current traffic situation. It provides insight into how organic traffic has changed over time in response to adjustments made by Google’s ranking algorithms. As you can see, you have a few choices if you want more information on your site’s health after Google’s updates. Then, you can implement several measures to halt the downward spiral. You can check the below mentioned parameters to check each metric.

  • Confirmed Updates (on/off)
  • Unconfirmed Updates (on/off)
  • Mobile Updates (on/off)
  • Bugs/Glitches (on/off)
  • Export chart

I check the domain variety.com an entertainment website and found the following graph.


About FE International

When owners of technology companies decide it’s time to sell their business, FE International steps in to help make it happen smoothly. FE International is an award-winning global advisor guiding thousands of clients through major sales and acquisitions over the past decade. Founded back in 2010, FE International has developed deep expertise around the process of transitioning ownership of tech firms, with over 1,500 successful deals completed already.

Key facts showing FE International’s accomplishments:

  • Facilitated over $50 billion in tech company purchases
  • Network of 80,000+ qualified international investors interested in the tech space
  • Headquarters in New York with offices globally
  • Named one of Americas’ fastest growing companies multiple times

In straightforward terms, FE International streamlines the complex journey of selling tech businesses by valuating companies accurately, matching ideal buyers and investors, and ensuring smooth financial and legal processes. Their award-winning specialists manage all obstacles around these high-value deals for entrepreneurs ready to exit their ventures.

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