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Google Spam Algorithm Update October 2022

If you are observing changes in your site ranking in google search results then you do not need to worry as Google has announced that a new anti-spam algorithm is being rolled out to search results in all languages and regions throughout the world. The October 2022 spam upgrade from Google is expected to trickle out over the course of several days.

You probably don’t have much to worry about in terms of the October 2022 spam change if you’ve been complying to the Google Search Essentials (previously known as the Google Webmaster Guidelines).

Only when an update is made to combat a particularly pervasive form of spam—like link spam—are specifics shared.

To keep its search results relevant and useful, Google routinely releases anti-spam improvements. These spam upgrades are made to better Google’s automated systems that are always working in the background to detect spam in search results.

How Google detects spam in search results?

Google continuously uses automated methods to identify search spam, and on occasion, these systems undergo noticable improvements. For instance, the spam-prevention system SpamBrain is powered by Google AI. Google periodically makes system improvements to make it more adept at identifying spam and to help ensure that it captures new types of spam.

What Google considers Spam?

In case you are confused about what constitutes spam in Google’s eyes, I recommend taking a look at the updated Google Search Essentials and read them in detail

  • Cloaking
  • Doorways Pages
  • Hacked content
  • Hidden text and links
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link spam
  • Machine-generated traffic
  • Malware and malicious behaviors
  • Misleading functionality
  • Scraped content
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Spammy automatically-generated content
  • Thin affiliate pages
  • User-generated spam
  • Other behaviors that can lead to demotion or removal

Updates aimed at reducing spam focus on certain infractions of the rules. Instead of specifying whether this spam is coming from links, content, or some other source, Google just claimed that it is spam.

How to know if your site is affected by Google Spam Algorithm Update ?

After the spam upgrade in October 2022, if your site’s rankings suddenly tumble, it’s a good idea to check its security and see whether it was compromised in some way.

In the event of a spam update, a site may see a drop in rankings or perhaps be completely removed from Google’s index.

Time to Recover

If a website is hit by a spam update, Google warns it could take months before it recovers, even if the site modifies itself to comply with Google’s spam regulations.

What to do?

Read carefully Google spam policies and make necessary changes. After a few months of observation, Google automatic systems may determine whether or not a site conforms their spam regulations, at which point the site’s ranking may increase.

Is AI generated content sites affected by this update ?

The answer is …..

Well if the human has reviewed the ai generated content and make it unique, useful to user and adding value and there is good news you can use it to some extent.

But if the content is totally ai generated then these types of sites also affected. Neil experimented on 100 ai sites

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