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I love statistics and graphs because statistics allow me to make more informed decisions. I have curated the top 20 Guest Posting Statistics which i hope you will love to explore.

In digital marketing, no one can deny the fact that guest posting is one of the top link-building method to build the authority of a website and boost its ranking in search results.

Many companies even started guest post platforms where users can buy or sell guest posts based on various metrics. In every niche, you can find lots of guest blogging opportunities. Suppose you want to check the prospects in the fashion industry. Just type these terms in google :

fashion + write for us

fashion + contribute

fashion + guest post

Here niche = fashion

Let’s check important statistics related to guest blogging :

How many guest posts blogger’s or companies write per month ? 

no of guest post written per-month statistics

60% of  respondents say that write 1 to 5 guest posts per month, 27 % write 6-10 posts per month, 10% write 10-25 posts per month and only 3% of businesses create more than 25 guest posts per month.

( Referralrock – sample size=70).

Blogger Outreach

How many guest post pitches per month ?

Guest post statistics

The majority of bloggers (50%) only email their guest posts to a small circle of contacts (1-10) each month, while just 7% of writers send out pitches to 100 or more blogs each month. (ReferralRock)

How much referral traffic guest posts bring ?

15% of guest publications have over 100 visits. (BloggerJet)

35% of guest articles have 10 visits or fewer. (BloggerJet)

50% of guest posts have from 50 to 100 visits. (BloggerJet)

guest blogging statisticsIs there any season of Guest Posts  ?

Guest posts are in higher demand during the summer months 🙂 Really ? (Optinmonster)

Money Spending on Guest Posts



guest post statistics

Most companies spend between $1,000 and $15,000+ on link building each month. (uSERP)

74.3% of link builders pay for links.(Authority Hacker)

The average cost of a guest post is $83. (Ahrefs)

69% of marketers state that buying links positively impacts their search engine rankings for difficult keywords. (Aira)

Popularity of Guest Posts 

Guest posting is the most popular link building tactic, with 64.9% of link builders using it. (Authority Hacker )

62.96% of people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible. ( Social Marketing Writing )

Business Built with Guest Blogging

Neil patel writes QuickSprout wouldn’t have been as successful as it’s become if I’d neglected guest blogging.

Gregory Ciotti used guest blogging to add 36,733 more qualified subscribers to his email list.

Jon Cooper generated nearly 400 hits from a single guest post on Moz.

Starting with a single guest post at Okdork, Bryan Harris built a full-time business generating over $15,000 a month.

“GrooveHq reached 1 million people by guest blogging”

Triple Your Traffic by Guest Blogging for Backlinks – See how one marketer was able to achieve a 340% increase in search traffic—over 100,000 visitors—in one year by guest blogging.

Using guest blogging as an inbound marketing strategy, Bamidele Onibalusi grew his organic traffic to 60,000 in 6 months.


So we can clearly see the amazing benefits of guest posting. People who are serious for organic traffic can’t ignore the guest blogging for a long time and later in business they have to adopt this inbound marketing technique.

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