How to drive traffic from SlideShare – A Beginners Guide

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What is Slideshare and How Does it Work?

SlideShare is a website that offers a platform for people to share their presentations, including text and images.The site currently has more than 21 million presentations on its website. SlideShare allows you to embed your presentation into any website or blog so that others can view it.

If you are not sure how to embed your slides in other blog posts or websites, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Find the website that you want to embed the slides into.

Step 2: Click on “Share” located on the top right corner of the website.

Step 3: Click on “Embed” and then click on “HTML.”

SlideShare is a website that offers business media such as documents, pdfs and slide presentations. It is one of the best websites to drive traffic and make your business from slides and pdf’s.

SlideShare has become a great traffic source for many bloggers. If you want to be everywhere to get more online visibility as an online entrepreneur, blogger or small business owner you must consider SlideShare to bring QUALITY traffic to your websites.

If you are new to SlideShare to bring traffic to your sites, you must consider the basics of SlideShare.

Tips for Optimizing Your Slide Presentation for Maximum Impact

– Use white space to create a sense of calmness and openness.

– Use contrast to make your slides stand out.

– Keep your slides simple and clear.

– Use visuals to engage the audience.

Is SlideShare traffic REALLY worth or useless?

The traffic from SlideShare is worth your time, money and efforts, because it’s VERY SPECIFIC traffic. Online users will search and find specific terms to reach your slides, once you offer them valuable and great content with your slides, they will be ready to click on your links to reach your blogs. So, the traffic which comes from SlideShare is laser targeted traffic which can help you build a great network around your blogs.

There are many ways in which SlideShare can help you generate more traffic from your content, including:

– Generating new ideas for presentations

– Sharing your content with the community

– Promoting your presentation on other platforms

– Boosting your profile on SlideShare

How to drive traffic from SlideShare?

Use CTA’s to drive traffic from slides

CTA – Call To Action 

CTA is the key to bring traffic from SlideShare. No matter how great your content in the slides are, you must be using proper call to action to drive traffic to your blogs.

Don’t use random, fluffy or mediocre call to actions that won’t attract anyone to click on your site links. Spend quality time to create call to actions that will make anyone to click on your links thus to increase the traffic flow through your sites.

Invest money to create appealing slides

If you want to get more traffic from SlideShare, there are only two rules: one is you have to have “great content” and the other is to create most appealing slides.

Even if you have great content with mediocre design of slides, you can’t REALLY drive traffic from SlideShare, so make sure you are either investing money to create most appealing designs or learn how to craft really cool slides on your presentations.

Promote your slides using social media

Do you want to get more traffic from SlideShare using a simple tactic?

Give your slides more online visibility. Bring more people to read, share and know your stuff, how can you do this?

Use social media sites like Facebook, twitter and/or Google+ to let other bloggers know about your slides and presentations. Promote as much as possible to increase the visibility of your slides to get more done.

Also use your own blogs, embed your slides and let your readers know what you are actually talking about in the slides, give them your profile links to let spread the word about you whenever you post new slides. This way you can bring more leads to your sites using SlideShare.

Spend more time to research what’s HOT on SlideShare

3 Steps for Creating a Compelling Slideshare Topic

This is a slide that goes into greater detail on the 3 steps for creating a compelling slideshare topic.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Step 2: Researching your audience and competitors

Step 3: Creating content with your audience in mind

You will get immense traffic from SlideShare, once your slides reach top slides of the day. SlideShare will put top 3 slides each and everyday where you will get tons of leads to your blog posts (to make your slides HOT, you must be researching well about the hot slides and apply them on your slides).

  • Analyze why the top slides are getting more views, comments and link shares?
  • How did they design?
  • Which font and font sizes they used on top slides?
  • What contents are going viral on SlideShare?

The above questions will give you clear clarity about what and how to create popular slides to get more traffic.

In a nutshell:

To bring traffic from SlideShare, make your presentation great, clear and concise. Use appealing images, and social media sites to promote your slides.


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