A beginners guide to use twitter effectively for traffic

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Introduction: What is Twitter, How Does It Work, & Why is It Important for Business?

Twitter has become an integral part of our everyday life. In fact, it has been dubbed as the “new water cooler.” As a result, businesses have started to use Twitter for marketing purposes and to get in touch with their target audience.

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to send and read tweets from their timeline. The tweets are limited to 140 characters which makes it easy for users to express themselves in a timely manner without having to write long blog posts or articles.

Most bloggers use twitter to promote their online programs, webinars or products. The main reason they give top priority to twitter is this, twitter has the ability to make the links go viral and spread your word in no time.

How to make use of twitter effectively to bring traffic to your blogs then?

Why twitter?

Twitter is the #1 social media platform that is used by most influential people. Twitter can spread the word within seconds because of its limited number of characters i.e. 140 characters. Because of this unique quality, twitter gone viral in no time and almost every online marketer is using twitter excessively to promote their stuff.

Is twitter worth your time?

Yes, unlike Facebook, twitter adds so much of value. You can REALLY build a huge network around your blogs when you follow, tweet and respond to the influential bloggers in your niche. Then ONLY point you need to consider is, spend quality time on twitter to build a great online presence. 

Tweet the best tweets:

No one will be interested in following you or your tweets when you share random stuff. Have few goals, make them laser focused and share only those tweets which will improve others lives. This way you can build a massive follower list in no time. Follow the top people on twitter to know what and share what they are tweeting about.

Tweet on the weekends:

One of the best tips to get more traffic or to use twitter to the maximum extent is to tweet on weekends (preferably on Saturday and Sunday) to get more exposure on your tweets. Many researches said that most twitter users use their mobiles, androids or laptops to tweet and they will be more active on twitter on weekends. So, don’t miss this period to get more online visibility for your tweets. Stay more active on twitter on weekends and share your best links to build credibility, loyalty among your fans and followers.

Increase your twitter followers:

Can you make your blog posts go viral on twitter by having only 10 followers?? No doubt, you will get more traffic from twitter to your blog posts whenever you tweet something about your blog on twitter when you have wide range of followers on your twitter account, right? So, try to increase your twitter followers no matter what.

But, how can you improve your twitter followers rapidly?

There are 3 ways to boost your twitter followers in quick time.

  1. Follow the top bloggers in your niche
  2. Follow the related people who are in your niche
  3. Unfollow those people who don’t follow you back by using few free tools like twiends.com etc
  4. Use Twitter lists as a tool to find people with similar interests as you.
  5. Take advantage of Twitter search functions to find new followers with specific interests.

Be active on Twitter:

No matter how busy you are day to day, make sure you are spending quality time to build great connections with other bloggers and influencers in your niche using twitter. Twitter is the best social media platform to quickly build wide range of relationships with others. Use it wisely, tweet at the right times and focus more on tweeting the laser focused tweets that will enhance the knowledge of your readers, fans or followers.

Don’t be too selfish:

Don’t use twitter to ONLY share your blog posts, no one will be interested in sharing or clicking on your links then, because you are being too selfish to promote your own stuff. Why other bloggers or followers will be interested in opening your links when you don’t promote the best stuff?? Ask yourself this question whenever you are tweeting something. Is it worth tweeting? Will this tweet add any value to my readers, followers or other bloggers? If yes, then go ahead. Just don’t post random stuff or self-promote your blog contents.

Have multiple twitter accounts:

This is another tip that most professional bloggers use, they create multiple accounts (each one of their major blogs to update their posts and personal twitter accounts to engage personally with their readers and followers). This way they are creating a positive presence on their followers. Try to create two or more twitter accounts if you want to quickly build online presence and increase your followers on twitter. But, spend quality time on all the accounts to notice results.

Conclusion: A Beginner’s Guide To Using Twitter Effectively For Business

n conclusion, Twitter has been a great tool for business since it was first introduced in 2006. It is a platform that has helped businesses to connect with their customers and potential customers. The only thing that you need to do is to know how to use it effectively.

Let me know if you’ve any questions and do share the tips to bring traffic from twitter if you’ve any!

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