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How can you make money from blogging? It really depends on what kind of blog you want to start. If you want to write about fashion or beauty products then this is going to be easier than if you want to write about finance or travel because there are thousands of other blogs out there doing exactly these things already so it’s going to be harder for your site just like it would have been harder for me if I had tried and failed at those subjects instead of succeeding with them (which has happened).

How to start a WordPress blog

Sell Your Services

You can also make money from blogging by selling your services. This can range from writing articles to editing, proofreading and even designing a cover for an eBook. For example, if you’re an author of children’s books and would like some additional exposure on Amazon, consider offering to write reviews or guest posts for other blogs that are related to the book market (such as those focused on parenting).

  • You can get clients by writing articles or blog posts for your clients’ websites.
  • You can also work on a freelance basis, where you charge an hourly rate for the time it takes to do the job and any extra work involved in setting up your client’s website or blog.
  • If you’re selling something, say, digital products like eBooks or courses, then make sure that everything about them is clear so people know what they’re buying before they buy it.

Find affiliate partners

An affiliate partner is someone who sells a product or service and will pay you a commission for every sale you drive.

You’ll find affiliate partners by searching for keywords related to your blog, such as “affiliate marketing,” “best affiliate programs,” etc. You can also look through the websites of popular brands who have been doing this successfully for years. The more people talk about it online, the more likely they are to mention their own links!

Once you find an appropriate partner program that interests you (and meets all of its requirements), sign up as an affiliate and start driving traffic through their site! This may seem like a simple thing but if done correctly then it can be incredibly lucrative—especially when compared with traditional forms of advertising such as TV commercials or billboards (which cost thousands per day).

Use affiliate links

Affiliate links are a great way to make money from your blog. Affiliate links are links that earn you a commission when someone clicks on them and makes a purchase. This can be as simple as sharing an item on social media, or it could be more complex like buying an item from Amazon and then recommending it in one of your posts.

Sell digital products.

You can sell digital products in several ways. Some of these include:

  • Selling e-books and other subscriptions to your blog;
  • Selling courseware or other training material; and
  • Offering services like consulting, coaching or speaking engagements.

Offer a course of your own.

If you want to make money from blogging, offering a course on your blog is a great way to do it. You can easily create an online course that is relevant to your audience and offers them something they want (like information about how to get started with blogging).

It’s important to offer a high-quality product in high demand: if there’s no demand for what you’re selling then no one will buy it! The same goes for pricing: think about how much people are willing to pay for different things before deciding on an appropriate price point.

You should also consider ensuring that the process of buying the product is easy and painless; otherwise potential customers won’t bother buying from you at all. Make sure everything works well from start-to-finish so buyers feel comfortable making an investment into themselves by purchasing from someone else instead of having this work done by someone else who might not be qualified enough or skilled enough yet anyway!

Find sponsors

Finding sponsors is a great way to make money from your blog, but it’s not easy. Before you start looking for sponsors, you should have a large audience on your blog. This will help you find opportunities that are relevant for the type of content you write and the audience who reads it.

If you want direct sponsorship, find companies or brands that fit with your brand and industry and reach out to them directly (you might even consider starting up a small business). If they aren’t interested at first but keep getting in touch with them over time (which I’ve done), they may eventually become interested in collaborating with you!

You can also look into ad networks like Google Adsense which pay commissions when someone clicks through from their site(s).


If you want to make money with your blog, it’s important that you have a strategy in place. You need to know exactly how much time and energy it will take each week if you want your business plan to succeed.

A good way of doing this is by setting up goals for yourself every month or so and then working towards them over time. For example: “I will post three times per week” or “I will write six posts this month.” This way it becomes easier for others who are also interested in blogging (or even just starting their own website) because everyone knows what they need from each other!

There are many ways you can make money with your blog. You could offer a course, affiliate partner or sponsor, or sell digital products. Whatever strategy you choose, it will be important to have a plan in place before starting out. But once you have the right strategies in place and execute them effectively, then your blog will be able to help you make money through advertisements or sponsorships!

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