What is the difference between a blog and a website?

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Generally, a question comes in our mind: how is a blog different from a website? If you are thinking of developing a blog or a website, then understanding this basic information about blogs & websites what really do you want a blog or a website?

Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

You will observe that when you search anything in Google or on any other platform, the search results data you get from Google is provided by a website or a blog. Both websites and blogs provide information related to the search. Here are various aspects of websites and blogs that show blogs are different from websites.

Blogs can be a part of a website but a blog cannot be a website 

because blogs are updated regularly with new articles, the newest article appeared first, but websites are formed by some pages. They are not regularly updated. Blogs can be created by an individual with very low investment, but to create websites you may need a professional team. A website gives information about any company that is run by a team. Here are various aspects given below that show how blogs are different from websites, so let’s start to discuss…. 

What is a blog? 

A blog is the part of a website, it is like an online book or publication, where the writers express their views and thoughts. Generally, Blogs are created for solving the readers’ problems. To create a blog, there is no need for technical knowledge, or very little tech knowledge is required. Anyone can create a blog by using these platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Medium, Drupal, Shopify, and WordPress. For building a blog, choose a catchy theme that you love to write about. To become a successful blogger keep working with new updates regularly. To get high you will have to keep patience because the blog takes time to run. A blog is a direct connection and conversation between readers and a writer. There is a comment section in the blog where the readers communicate and express their views and ask questions. If you write a genuine and unique article then definitely the reader will read your article and will leave some comments. These comments can be positive or negative. It completely depends on your work. 

Some examples of good blogs are :

BoingBoing, Gizmodo, Lifehacker are some of the good examples of blogs. Even our DigitalYantras is a blog!

What is a website? 

A website is an online virtual store where goods and services are provided. On a website, the web pages are not updated regularly. Websites are the collection of information and web pages related to the company, group or organization. Websites are created for the growth of business and promotion of the company. To create a website we need a team like a website designer, SEO, web developer, and others. Without a team, a website is difficult to create. We need some technical familiarity with languages like java, python, and PHP. For developing websites we need a website developer who has the knowledge of coding. Apart from that, you need a professional team and so much money to spend. 

So the website is static and it can not be created without a team. Through the website, we cannot direct conversation with the company. There is a contact form given on the website which you have to fill to connect with the company.

Examples like: All government sites like india.gov , all education websites etc.

Now let’s conclude the major differences between Blogs vs websites

  • A blog is a place where the writers express their opinions, feelings or suggestions whereas the website is an online portal for publicity, advertisement, and development of a business. 
  • Blogs are interactive & engaging and generally, websites are not. 
  • Blogs can be started by an individual and a small group of people while websites are created by a team. 
  • Blogs need very less investment than websites. 
  • Blogs are updated regularly but websites are not.


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