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The short answer is the same but it is the new name of the updated google panda algorithm or you can say “Coati has since taken Panda’s spot. He said that Coati is essentially an improved version of the Panda algorithm and the natural progression of Panda.”

What is Google Coati Algorithm?

Coati is a new version of Panda and part of the core ranking algorithm. So to understand what is Google Coati Algorithm, it will be good to understand what was google panda algorithm released in Feb 2011 which was launched to put higher-quality sites towards the top of search results by demoting low-quality sites or thin sites, especially content farms.

How the term Google Coati evolved?

At SMX Next 2022, Barry spoke with Hyung-Jin Kim, Google’s Vice President of Search who has spent the last two decades improving Google’s search quality and now oversees the company’s key ranking algorithms. Throughout the course of the conversation, Hyung made reference to an “animal Coati,” to which Barry had to finally inquire.

According to Hyung-Jin Kim, the Coati is the evolutionary result of the Panda, hence it is not just another black and white animal like the Panda or the Penguin. Yes, the latest version of Google’s Panda algorithm, which the company internally calls “Coati,” is a fresh upgrade. Check the conversation here

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