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Google’s spam regulations for its search results now include “Policy circumvention,” a new addition to the list of prohibited practises. To sum up, Google may take action against your content, site, or account if you uncover ways to circumvent the existing spam detection procedures.

What is Google Policy circumvention?

“If you engage in actions intended to bypass our spam or content policies for Google Search, undermine restrictions placed on content, a site, or an account, or otherwise continue to distribute content that has been removed or made ineligible from surfacing, we may take appropriate action which could include restricting or removing eligibility for some of our search features (for example, Top Stories, Discover). Circumvention includes but is not limited to creating or using multiple sites or other methods intended to distribute content or engage in a behavior that was previously prohibited” as google stated.

Let’s understand it with an example

Suppose you have made a website on any niche e.g travel and for any reason may be low-quality content or you are promoting casino, betting related content, your website may face a penalty on account or content or removed from search engine.

But if you don’t like it and want to again republish that content on another site, or by creating a new site, google is warning you that don’t do that or otherwise you will have to face penalty.

In nutshell, you shouldn’t try to game Google’s search engine rankings, as doing so might result in your site being de-indexed or ranked lower.

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