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It happens with everyone when we have no idea what to write about, so start by thinking about what your readers want to read. Once you know what they want, it will be easy for you to write on that topic.

The good news for bloggers and content creators as Google Search Console (GSC) is currently testing a new feature called “content ideas.” As the name suggests, authors, editors, publishers, search engine optimization specialists, webmasters, and anybody else responsible for updating a website’s content might benefit from suggestions for additional post subjects provided by content ideas.

Is GSC “content ideas” different from Google Question Hub?

It will be very early to say anything about content ideas as it is not fully rolled out but looking very similar to Google Question Hub which is a nice application that gives content developers the ability to improve their work by solving unresolved questions. Question Hub is always on the lookout for users with unresolved questions and brings them to the attention of content developers, writers and anyone who is writing content online.

You can say It’s Google’s way of hearing from users when their search results don’t pan out as expected. When Google receives a question, it shares that inquiry with publishers so that they might produce content that satisfies that question.

Other Google tools which are helping us in Content Ideas

  • Google related searches
  • Google keyword planner tool
  • Google Trends
  • Google autocomplete feature

Benefits to Content Creators

Content creation is a struggle for many writers. Whether it’s finding the right words, putting them together in a good way, or just coming up with ideas, writer’s struggles abound. But now with GSC content ideas, this obstacle will be resolved which will be a boon for publishers.

When it will come out ?

Not much information is revealed by google regarding this. You can check and try this feature whenever it will be available on Google Search Console.

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