200 ranking signals – Google says figure is misleading

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by arun

In the past google uses over 200 ranking factors to rank a web page but now Google’s John Mueller clarified that Google is trying to move away from the over 200 ranking signal number because they find it to be “kind of misleading.”

Authority backlinks, fresh content with facts and figures and social sharing of that content are the 3 most important factors which google take into consideration.

At the 49:50 mark into the video, John was asked “Among all of the 200 ranking signals, which are the most important?”

John replied “I don’t like to rank ranking signals so I can’t give you an answer there.”

He then added “the other small thing there is we’ve kind of moved away from the over 200 ranking signals number because it feels like even having a number like that is is kind of misleading. In the sense that, Google has a spreadsheet with all of the ranking signals and they can just sort them by importance and tell me which ones they are and that’s definitely not the case like a lot of these things just take into account so many different things you can’t just isolate them out,” John added.


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